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Birdhouse Media Director Hans Bruechle


Company Director

Company Director

Hans Bruechle

Hans is one half of the founding pair behind Birdhouse Media and wears multiple hats as Company Director. His background as a WAAPA graduate saw him start his career in front of the camera as a TV presenter and actor before he moved into radio. He still presents on Channel 7 today, and lends his voice acting to dozens of commercials each year, but at Birdhouse Hans’ main role is in creative development - dreaming up ideas and making them happen. Hans is our script writer, Director, Producer, in-house voice over talent, and BDM. When he’s not doing that he’s also a professional street artist who paints under the handle “Handbrake” and has created works for Porsche, Mercedes, Red Bull, Woolworths, McDonalds, Skullcandy, and many more high profile clients.


Company Director

Company Director

Andrew Hooper

Andrew is the other half of the Birdhouse founding duo. He is the engine room of what we do and oversees not only the on-set production of our shoots but also heads up the post-production department. His skills in editing and publishing are unmatched and he has a unique ability to understand exactly what a client requires from their video content. Drew Babes has many years of experience producing commercial television programs and international documentaries, both as a camera operator & editor as well as Producer. Drew makes every single project an enjoyable and headache-free experience. Thanks Drew!


Senior Editor

Senior Editor

Michael “Cruisie” Cruise

Cruisie is the prodigy of the Birdhouse Team. Recently graduated from the Film Course at SAE Michael has extremely up-to-date skills in directing, creative development, filming, and editing. He has been a key part of Birdhouse since 2017 and many of our most successful video projects were created by him. Plus, because he’s just about as Gen Z as they come, he knows how to squeeze every useable drop out of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Clubhouse (Google it). Cruisie is an exceptional creative and editing talent and we’re glad he’s one of us.




Talitha Hyman

Talitha is the most recent addition to the Birdhouse Media family and brings lightning fast speed to our post-production. Her understanding of the "art of the edit" is impressive. Poor editing can ruin incredible footage but Talitha’s experience in video production means that each edit is visually stunning with a clear and coherent message. She loves taking care of our studio plants and has been designated as the “Earth Mother” of the office ferns.