9 Alpha Way


Real estate is one industry that thrives with the use of well crafted property listing video content and Fine & Country is a real estate group at the premium end of the market. Their properties are luxurious, jaw dropping, and expensive. Their property listing video needs to match the quality of their properties, and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Birdhouse Media is the sole video production house for Fine & Country and we are producing some of the most visually stunning listing content in Perth.


9 Alpha Way is located in North Coogee and is a spectacular piece of real estate on the market right now. Our job was to make this home look its best and help the owner achieve a quick sale with a great price. Part of the requirement for this property listing video was a very cinematic look and location-establishing drone videography. Our colour grading throughout the edit is very film-based.


Our real estate video edits are done slightly differently to other places. We cut the shots to the music track for a more engaging experience for the viewer and pepper in some gorgeous sweeping gimbal shots. These days many people can buy the right camera equipment to get a good looking shot, but the craft really is in the edit. Too many times we see other people’s stunning shots let down by poorly cut edits. So we invest a lot of time into learning new editing techniques and feeling the flow required by projects like this. Our editing team are the unsung heroes of Birdhouse Media.


The result is a visually stunning property listing video that captures the luxurious nature of the home. It also features the listing agent in a memorable but not “pushy” way. The entire production comes together to remind viewers that Fine & Country are the premium real estate agents in Perth – an important branding exercise. See some more incredible real estate video we’ve created for Fine & Country right HERE