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Absolute Cosmetic Medicine Launch Party


Absolute Cosmetic Medicine is one of the premier cosmetic clinics in Perth. They have treated over 70,000 patients across their eleven locations in WA. Absolute Cosmetic Medicine provides a professional team of Doctors, Nurses and Dermal Therapists to ensure that they offer their patients a holistic approach to treating their concerns while achieving natural and subtle results. Their online content has to match their level of workmanship.


Absolute Cosmetic Medicine opened their newest location in the heart of Raine Square and we were there to capture it. As you’d expect there were plenty of beautiful people on hand to sample the canapés and champagne at this brand new clinic. The location is almost in the dead centre of Perth City. Our job was simply to gather video content for the ACM team to use on their social media channels and let everyone in the City know that they were open for business.


This event was fairly short and the resulting edit is likewise brief. Our main focus was to capture the atmosphere of the party and to showcase the look and feel of the newly opened venue. It has a clean and modern New York inspired décor that compliments Absolute Cosmetic Medicine’s professional and luxurious brand.


This is an uncomplicated launch event video that was filmed and turned around for publication by our team lightning fast. ACM wanted to get it live as soon as possible on their social media channels. We love a challenge and the entire process of filming this event, rushing the footage to the edit team, and cutting together what you see here gives us energy. We also got to work alongside our long-time collaborators Peach & Pineapple, which we always enjoy! In fact check out this other project we did with the P&P team!