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Absolute Cosmetics Photo Shoot


We’ve worked with Absolute Cosmetic Medicine on some great projects over the years and this latest one is something that most people don’t know that we do – photography.

While we’re mostly known as video guys, we actually also offer still photography for any project. This time around the brief was a fun and relaxed  lifestyle shoot with one of the heads of ACM Steph Murray.


The location for this shoot was Steph’s incredible home in Swanbourne and the surrounding coastal neighbourhood. We were absolutely spoiled for choice when it came to great looking locations!

The marketing team at Absolute Cosmetics were after a large collection of images to use on social media, website, and general media promotion. We were more than happy to oblige.


Our photographer Hans was in control of the shoot with our DoP Shane running as camera assistant. We moved between locations and used available light as much as possible. In a short time frame we were able to create a dozen unique content scenarios – from silhouetted dusky bedroom shots to activewear-clad coastal dog walks.

The tone is light and informal and shows Steph in her most comfortable environment: her home.


The end result is 100 fully edited images that Absolute Cosmetics can use as ongoing content for months to come. Not to mention the benefit of having up-to-date imagery to send to media or use on internal marketing.

We love shooting stills. If you’d like to see more of our photographic portfolio click HERE

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LIFESTYLE Swanbourne exercise