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AHV Bloopers


Australian Honey Ventures are all about honey (unsurprisingly). They are dedicated to producing the very best honey in Australia and rewarding the honey growers in the process. We recently produced all of their marketing content for their big launch and during that process we collected quite a few outtakes and bloopers.

They don’t take themselves too seriously but they take honey VERY seriously!


AHV recently launched to investors and part of that launch was a whole lot of video content. While we were filming we inevitably collected a mountain of bloopers so the guys at AHV decided to share that with the world.

They asked to us to pick the best moments and put together a video showing how much fun we had during production.


This was as simple as selecting the best bits of the outtakes and cutting it all together to show the light-heartedness of the AHV team. These bloopers show that they’re just human and can poke fun at themselves as well as anybody!


Kick back, relax, and enjoy watching these professional honey experts stumble and laugh their way through presenting on-camera. We’re also pretty sure Nick Cummins (the Honey Badger) broke his microphone in that last shot too.

We love having a bit of fun on set and you can see just how much right HERE