Aloft Hotel Perth Launch


This project was brought to us by the amazing team at The Peach & Pineapple Co. as Aloft is one of their high profile clients. Aloft is a hotel chain owned by Marriot and the Aloft Perth is a first of its kind in Australia. Opened in mid-2017 it has been a sizzling destination for the savvy traveller ever since.



Aloft Perth were looking for a short documentary on what it takes to build and start a hotel including staffing, interior design, training and management.



We worked with PR and creative agency The Peach & Pineapple Co. on this project and put together a team to follow the new staff of Aloft Perth every day in the lead up to the official launch party. The aim was to see what goes into creating a hotel in a documentary style. The resulting video was used as the showcase at the launch event and then made its way online for website and social media use.



  • Successful event launch
  • An energetic, informative, and entertaining video used online to showcases the hotel and staff.