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APPEA Oil & Gas Conference


The APPEA Conference is the biggest event on the Oil & Gas calendar and is extremely important for the future of the industry. All of the heavy hitters in the oil & gas sphere come together for a week-long conference to showcase the very latest in technologies, thinking, and plans for the future.

Western Australia is heavily reliant on our resources sector so this year’s conference was particularly important to the discussions surrounding our economy.


The APPEA Conference moves around the country with the host city changing each year. 2021 was Perth’s turn to play host and the week-long event was held down at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. There were dozens of impressive stand setups, activations, and live performances and our job was to capture it all.

As the conference ran for a full week our task was to film each day and edit on the fly so that we could release a daily wrap-up at the end of every day. It was a hectic shoot-and-edit-simultaneously kind of setup.


The turnaround times on the daily wrap edits were incredibly tight. We literally had to begin the edit before we’d finished the filming as we were still capturing interviews and b roll right up until the post deadline. Our edit team moved offices for the week and worked on site at the Convention Centre to make sure we could deliver the edits as quickly as possible.

We used a wide variety of filming techniques, including time-lapse, drone, and fly-through to gather all the action and energy of the event.


Each daily wrap video edit was delivered before the deadline and the client could not have been happier with the result. We pay a lot of attention to not only creating great-looking video content but also in making sure the process of getting it done is as easy and headache-free as possible. We’ve all been on shoots where the crew overcomplicates the process and we don’t want to be those guys.

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