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ARES Transport Wind Turbines


Transporting wind turbines is a big job. If you’ve never seen wind turbine blades up close then you’ll be as surprised as we were to see just how long they are! And moving them from one place to another requires specialised equipment. That’s what ARES Transport Group do the best – they are experts in heavy haulage and freight. Their immaculate yellow trucks take the biggest, heaviest, longest, and widest loads and shift them all over Australia.


Our task on this project was to follow the process of moving wind turbines from port to their final destination on a wind farm. This involved joining the caravan of trucks and support vehicles as they traveled during the day and through the night. ARES Transport wanted to showcase just how good they are at moving unusual and cumbersome loads.

Night time is the best time to move wind turbines because the disruption to traffic is kept to a minimum. We were able to “leapfrog” the trucks as they made their way from Port Coogee in Perth’s south to a wind farm near Cervantes, several hours north of Perth.


This was an eye-opening shoot for us. Not only did we get to experience the sheer scale of these objects on trucks but we became part of the vehicle procession traveling through the night. At each corner the pace of the trucks had to slow to walking speed in order to make it around each bend. There were a dozen support vehicles including steerers and pilot cars.

Once the filming was complete at the starting point (Port Henderson) we positioned ourselves at each “slow point” on the route. After the trucks passed us we had to jump back in our car and overtake them before the next slow point.

We also had the drone in the sky capturing the process with a bird’s eye view. It was an exciting and fast-paced shoot with plenty of unexpected changes to the schedule. But that’s what makes things fun right?


The editing on this piece is slightly slower than we would normally work with but that was a request from ARES. They wanted viewers to see the sheer size of the wind turbines and the precision with which their team moves them. This video is a cinematic showcase of a complicated freight project and positions ARES as a professional and experienced transport group.

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