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Barbagallo Events Season 2023


We got to collaborate with Barbagallo on several of their massive events that took place over the past 6 months that highlight the important pillars of the luxury car industry here in WA. Pulling no punches, these events are some of the most lavish and well catered in Perth – and are always a great time. 

Check out their socials to find out more.


We needed to create several event wrap up videos for Barbagallo that showed off the glitz and glamour of each event – while also being energetic and above all, entertaining. 

We needed to represent each brand in the best light possible, and it was a great time working in these parameters!


Shooting these videos were a ton of fun, by using some cool tricks with the gimbal we were able to be a bit more creative with our shots than the usual event coverage video – we even gave the 360 cam for a spin!

The editing style for these videos needed to follow closely with the brand of Barbagallo. We tried to adhere closely to the three commandments of Sleek, High-end, and Luxury, while also keeping a bit of energy up to make the videos entertaining to watch. 


We really enjoyed ourselves with these projects, dressing up a bit and going to film is always a good time! These videos came out looking great and are a good indication of what you can expect at any Barbagallo event – good food and drinks, good company, and a display of some of the most cutting-edge sports and luxury cars in the world. 

2023 has been an absolute banger of a year, we cant wait to see what 2024 holds in store for Barbagallo. Keep up to date with all things Barbagallo here, and if you’d like to check out some more of our recent event coverage videos click the link HERE