Best for Your Child


Now here’s a really fun one! This is a sketch comedy video written by Ryan Jon of radio station Hit 92.9. Ryan is part of the breakfast crew on Hit92.9 and his unique take on life’s challenges has earned him a strong following of fans. But one topic caught his attention more than most and we made a video about it.



There was one basic aim of this video – make people laugh. That’s what sketch comedy is all about. If you’re not doing that then you’ve failed. So we took Ryan’s initial concept and script and figured out a way that we could film it guerilla-style and then edit it to inject more humour.



We slapped the long zoom lenses onto our cameras and went candid-camera style hunting for funny scenarios. This video sees Ryan and his “business partner” Taylor try and sell jars of ocean air to unsuspecting parents. Our camera operators had to stay out of sight so as not to ruin the illusion of reality. This meant filming through fences, trees, and car parks from a distance.

In the edit we added a lot of fun meme-style graphics and animations to ramp up the funny levels. We even did some “early cuts” for laughs too.



Almost 20,000 views and counting! This video has resonated with not only parents, but anybody who is disillusioned by big business using underhanded marketing strategies. It’s fun, bold, and funny.

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