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Big Yellow was formed to meet a gap in the market where small to medium sized mining enterprises require a mining services company that could also provide leadership, technical expertise, and management to suit a jobs needs. 

The name Big Yellow doesn’t steam from the big yellow mining vehicles they use, but is based off an area mined over a hundred years ago in Northern Queensland called the small yellow snake – referring to the veins of gold prospectors always yearned to find!


In late 2022, our friends at Propel Agency got in touch with us to produce a cinematic, high quality corporate showcase video that embodied the core values of Big Yellow – and what distinguishes them from other mining companies.


For this project, we wanted to really bring that ‘wow-factor’ to the screen. Mining anything is a grand undertaking, and requires a lot of personnel, equipment, and some serious hard work. What Big Yellow really prides themselves on however, isn’t any of those things – it’s the people that are a part of the organisation that differentiates them from other mining contractors.

We wanted to combine the visual elements that best represent Big Yellow, which were the wonderful team, their impressive vehicle fleet, and the land in which they work. Using our drone, we were able to capture cinematic footage of these unique landscapes, while also getting a birds-eye-view to showcase the scale of Big Yellow’s operations.


We managed to achieve exactly what we set out to – create a cinematic video that showcases not only the professional aptitudes of Big Yellow, but also present them as a ‘people first’ business.

If you’d like to know more about Big Yellow Mining, click the link HERE.