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BODHI Cottesloe TVC


BODHI is WA’s premium wellness retreat and spa experience. Offering seven exquisitely appointed locations from Cottesloe down to Injidup. Their wellbeing destinations are the perfect place to restore and rejuvenate. They offer the most incredible massages, facials, beauty therapies, and cosmetic products. 


BODHI needed a Christmas television commercial to be produced for network TV, as well as a series of short cut down videos for social media. Their call to action was to “give the gift of wellbeing this Christmas”  We have extensive experience in the submission process for commercial television. If you’ve never done this before then it can be quite a confusing process; conforming to regulations, using submission platforms, etc…

But we’ve done it for years so we know exactly how to make it easy!


This shoot was to showcase BODHI’s amazing new Cottesloe location which matched their current branding. The shots had to look cinematic, elegant and tranquil. We focused in on textures, treatment close ups and talent expressions of fulfilling  relaxation.  

Every shot was filmed in 50 frames per second to allow slow motion, and our Producer organised and staged each shot to make it look its best.

The voice over was also supplied by our in-house talent and sound mixing capabilities.


This is a commercial that perfectly captures the calm and relaxation of BODHI’s wellness spa retreats within their new Cottesloe location. Of course the main message was an offer for Christmas but the overall feel, and that of the short social media videos that followed, reflects the values and ethos of BODHI. 

If you want to see the commercial we produced for BODHI Westin have a look HERE.