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BODHI Yallingup Spa & Wellness Retreat


BODHI Yallingup is a luxury wellness retreat situated in between Busselton and Margaret River. Overlooking the tranquil Lake Gunyulgup, it is the perfect place to nourish your body and revitalise your mind. 


BODHI wanted us to showcase their Yallingup spa by highlighting just a taste of the treatments they offer, as well as show off their incredible location. 


We wanted to achieve a clean & polished look for this project that still featured how the location integrates itself with the natural environment of Yallingup.

By capturing the pristine white features and natural earthy tones that BODHI is well known for, this helped to capture the core value of the location. 

We were able to capture footage of the Yallingup coastline that is dotted with caves – which is where the town got it’s name, the ‘Place of Caves’. 


We’re incredible proud with what we came away with, having achieved these results with a skeleton crew was a great accomplishment for us. The TVC hits all the points of being polished, while still showcasing the picturesque location. 

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