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Book the RAC Arena


You probably already know that the RAC Arena is one of Perth’s best event venues, BUT did you know that you can actually hire it out?!!!

Yeah we were blown away too. They have a long list of rooms and areas that can be booked for functions and some of them are very very cool. For example the actual Green Room where artists like Michael Bublé, Bruce Springsteen, and Taylor Swift have all spent time. Or maybe the Granite Room which is huge and perfect for a corporate event. Or even the actual Main Bowl where the Perth Wildcats play!


This video sees us back on the horse with our host Hans in control. We’ve made plenty of fun video content like this for the RAC Arena and the engagement online is always phenomenal. Our task this time was to inform people that they can actually book this amazing place out. For any event they can think of.

COVID-19 hit the events industry hard and this was RAC Arena’s way of adapting to a new market.


For videos like this we kind of let Hans off the leash. There is no script, he just makes it all up on the spot. Of course there were some things that the RAC Arena team wanted us to mention but they let us do it in our own way.

We went room-to-room while Hans explained where we were and what was available in each spot. We had fun with it and the energy and engagement in the edit is a lot of fun.


Perth may have dodged the worst of COVID-19 but there’s always an opportunity to build and evolve business. RAC Arena received a surge in enquiries and bookings after this video was posted. Now, thankfully, artists are coming back, borders are opening, and show are returning. But people all around Perth also know that this is a viable option for a special event. And that’s a gift that’s going to keep on giving.

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