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The Brisbane Hotel


The Brisbane Hotel is one of the oldest venues in Perth and generation after generation have enjoyed a beer or two in the garden. But it was time for a refresh and when The Brissy updated their menu and vibe they called us in to tell everyone about it.

This is straight social media content. No ulterior motive.


Gather together a bunch of good looking people? Check
Pour colourful cocktails and ice cold beer? Check
Film stuff being flame cooked in slow mo? Check

Our job was simple – to show The Brisbane Hotel in all its glory and make it look as good as possible. It wasn’t hard.


We had a great group of talent for this shoot. They were all young, attractive, and took direction extremely well which is always very helpful. I think it may have been the free drinks we kept topping up.

We shot this with two different cameras and went from setup to setup around the venue. We started outside in the beer garden while the light was sunny before moving inside for the food shots. It’s all about timing.

We even put the drone in the sky to get some establishing shots of the venue.


As social media content goes this is a step above the norm. The Brissy really wanted to come out of the gates fast to showcase their updated feel and this is how they did it.

We love the Brisbane crew and they’re very happy with their new video content!

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