Burley Sekem x AFL


Burley Sekem have been making AFL footballs and guernseys for over 100 years, right here in WA. They still produce these legendary products where it all began. In the world of AFL Burley Sekem are a household name and each year they partner with a team to produce their special Indigenous Round guernseys. The Indigenous Rounds in the AFL season highlight the contribution that first nations people have to not only the game but our society as a whole. They’re fantastic showcases of talent and heaps of fun!


For this project we headed out to the Burley Sekem factory in Bayswater, where it’s been for over 100 years. We got to meet the team who make each football by hand and stitch each guernsey individually. It was absolutely fantastic to see this amazing work being done right here at home.

The Fremantle Dockers needed video content of their special guernseys to share and promote on social media. We had to create two pieces – one to tease the unique guernsey design without revealing too much, and another to show the whole story.


To get the entire story of how this years guernsey came together we interviewed a whole collection of people. From current Freo players to legendary ex-player Des Headland, and event the artwork designer himself. From these interviews we pieced together the tale of how it all came to be and highlighted why these rounds in the AFL are so important.

We used a lot of slow motion capture in our close-ups to show the details of the sewing machines in action. That, combined with smooth follow-shots from our gimbal lets the viewer in behind the manufacture process.


The short Instagram teaser edit was posted just before the Fremantle game in that round and generated a lot of great buzz about the guernsey design. Once the players hit the field and everyone got to see the design it was time to post the whole story. The feedback had been fantastic from Burley Sekem, the Fremantle Dockers, and AFL fans!

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