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Caballitos Tequila Bar


Caballitos literally means “little horse” and this funky underground tequila bar on Queen Street in Perth is anything but tiny. With a pole dancing pole smack bang in the middle of the “chapel” room, and the widest selection of tequila and mezcal in the city, this place is a permanent good time.


Social media marketing plain and simple. The task was to create avenue showcase for use online and to show how fun and wild the place is all the time. Notice that it’s formatted square (1:1) which is perfect for Instagram.


This was a really fun shoot! The crew shot an event at Caballitos which featured some of the best pole dancing instructors in Perth. So it got fairly insane. We spent a single evening cruising around the venue filming cocktails being made, people enjoying their drinks and Mexican food, and the energy that just pours out of this tucked away little bar. In the edit we added some animated graphics for flair and a lot of very quick cuts to keep the pace moving.


In the end Caballitos was one of the easiest venues to film because there’s always something worth filming. Whether it’s the treasure chest cocktails (for 4 people!) or the bar manager dancing the pole in a horse costume, you’ll never be bored here. This video went live online and Caballitos measured an increase in interest, followers, and visitors. Check out our other venue showcases HERE