Caballitos Tequila Bar


Why do the best nights (and the worst hangovers) always start with tequila? It’s a fact of life, and so is the fact that Caballitos is the best tequila bar in Perth city. Period.

The name translates into english as “The Little Horse” but we’ve found that the nights there are generally huge. They have the biggest selection of tequila and mezcal in town and a fully operational stripper pole in the “Chapel of Sin”.

Seriously…strap in for a good time.


Caballitos is hidden underground on Queen Street in Perth city. Our job was to take that sweaty, heaving atmosphere and unleash it upon the world who didn’t know such a place existed in Perth.

Sure we started filming at about 9pm but it didn’t really get cranking until 11. That’s when the piñata came out and all hell broke loose.


Caballitos isn’t the biggest venue so our filming was confined to a pretty small space. But when you pack it full of weekend partiers having a huge night it’s difficult to take a shot that’s not fun.

We roamed around filming anything that moved including pole dancers, skulls, margaritas of all kinds, and a solitary Virgin Mary watching over everyone and probably frowning.

The edit is fast and fun and colourful to match the vibe of the venue with plenty of whip transitions in between shots.


Venue showcase videos like this are super fun to film because the trick is to capture exactly what they’re about. No two places are the same so you need to tap into what makes each bar or restaurant unique. With Caballitos it’s definitely the rowdiness.

This video is fun, vibrant, loose, and ultimately shareable on social media.

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