Carillon City Christmas Tale: Celebrities


A Christmas Tale like no other. Carillon City is a shopping centre location right in the middle of Perth city. You can’t get closer to the centre of town! Every Christmas Carillon City lights up with activities and attractions for the whole family. It’s the epicentre of Christmas shopping each year.

Where is it?



Through our friends at Peach & Pineapple we were asked to film some social media “influencers” reading a Christmas tale in the middle of Carillon City. The set was designed to look like a cosy winter Christmas living room, while our readers cuddled up on the sofa with some soft toys.

This video was to be shown online to encourage the general public to visit Carillon City. They were also invited to come and read the book themselves for our next video!



Once the set was built and lighting was placed all that was needed was our readers. 4 local identities with large social media following were chosen. They each read the Christmas book to camera and the best bits of each read were chosen for the edit.

The most fun part of this project was building the energy of the presenters up and getting to play with all the props.



This video went live and within 2 days we had dozens of entire families come down to be a part of their very own book reading. At the end of three days filming we had shot over 70 people who wanted to be involved with this Carillon City project. As a result the client received a huge influx of shoppers over the Christmas period.

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