Carillon City Christmas Tale: Public


This is a Christmas Tale like no other. Carillon City is a shopping centre location right in the middle of Perth city and you can’t get closer to the centre of town! Every Christmas Carillon City lights up with activities and attractions for the whole family. It’s the epicentre of Christmas shopping each year and this year the decided to do something different.

Where is it?



Through our friends at Peach & Pineapple we were asked to create a video that invited shoppers to take part. A set was designed to look like a cosy winter Christmas living room, while our readers cuddled up on the sofa with some soft toys. Each person who sat in front of our cameras read the same book and the best bits were chosen for the edit.

This marketing drive was part of Carillon City’s Christmas aim to encourage more people to shop with them.



This was actually a fairly simple shoot once the set was built. The camera positions were chosen and then “locked off” so that each shot was identical. We encouraged the shoppers to interact with the props and each other to give it more personality and some of them really went for it!

We edited the piece by choosing the best moments from each shopper and compiling them in chronological order. The book in its entirety is here for everyone to enjoy.



We filmed over 70 groups during the three days at Carillon City, and each were excited to be in the video. Unfortunately because we had so many not all of them could make the cut. What you see in the final product is the best of the bunch.

The clip is Christmassy and heartwarming, and real.

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