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CBH Group - 10 Years of Grass Roots Community Grants


CBH Group has reached a 10-year milestone with their Grass Roots Community Grants program, which is an initiative set up to help support community events and projects across grain growing WA.

We produced two TVC’s for them to showcase this fantastic achievement and to help support a great cause for rural WA. 


We were set to produce two TVC’s that highlight the importance of these community grants, and how they have been positively impacting the grain growing communities of Western Australia. 

We chose to focus on two narratives, the community involvement and how it takes a village to really bring about change – and how this work can only be done with truly passionate people behind it.


We had a fantastic time with this project, and working so collaboratively with CBH Group made this project all the more enjoyable. 

Our approach was to create two TVC’s that accurately portrayed the people, communities, and values of rural Western Australia – while simultaneously highlighting CBH’s impact in these communities via the Grass Roots Grants.

These two videos – Passionate People, and Community Strength each showcase different aspects of what makes regional communities so unique and special.


We’re so stoked on how these two TVC’s turned out. We had a fantastic time all throughout the production process, and the client is incredibly happy with the results.

Supporting local industries is something that we are incredibly passionate about, and CBH Group personify those principles wholeheartedly – so this collaboration is something we’re very proud of. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Grass Roots Community Grant program that CBH facilitate, click the link HERE. If you’d like to check out some of our other documentary style work, check THIS out.