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CERI is the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation, which basically means they bring together the brightest minds and ideas to help create an economically sustainable future for Western Australia. It’s a fantastic initiative.

CERI is a social enterprise focused on attracting and supporting inspiring talent and commercialising their ideas for the future of our state.


We love working with Perth creative advertising agency Rare and they brought us into this project to take on the video production elements. CERI is their client and our role was to interpret Rare’s vision. The brief was to create a cinematic and somewhat “filmic” video with a variety of talent.



Believe it or not this was achieved with only a single camera operator (and direction from the creatives at Rare). If you notice some film grain in the footage it’s not a mistake – that was added in post based on a request from CERI.

The shoot ran incredibly smoothly and our years of experience producing non-professional talent made the process headache-free. The edit is smooth and lush and supports both the creative direction developed by Rare and the brand identity of CERI.


The final video piece is professional, slick, cinematic, and the process was easy. We think the overall product reflects the values and goals of the organisation. As a promotional tool this piece has so far been a great success.

Here’s hoping CERI can continue to incubate Perth’s best minds to make sure our future stays bright!

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