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Metronet Lakelands Station Artwork


Earlier this year Metronet got in contact with us to help document the development of the new Lakelands Station, and the amazing artwork created through the collaboration between muralist Sioux Tempestt and Seantelle Walsh. The project is called Yaakanup – a Noongar word meaning ‘place of turtles’. 


We arrived out at Lakelands station to capture the process of what goes into creating a mural of such scale. The amount of crew needed to work with all manner of material, from concrete, to cement, and paint – is staggering to say the least. Watching the months of hard work put into the development of this project come to life was an amazing opportunity!


At its core, this project is about the collaboration between two artists – and how their respective contributions come together to create something that will last throughout the stations lifetime. As such, we wanted the relationship between Sioux and Seantelle to really come through in the piece. To achieve this, we kept everything as loose as we could – handheld shots, over the shoulder shots, and two shots were used to keep this feeling a bit more fun and natural. These two were really great on camera together – so it was pretty effortless on our part!


The final result is a short and sweet video that showcases the hard work of two amazing artists and all the other crew involved, and is a fun little look of what goes into many of the murals you see darted cross Perth.

We had a great time creating this piece for Metronet, we absolutely love creating pieces like this – if you’d like to see more of our videos that are similar, click HERE.