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Big Yellow Induction Video


Big Yellow got in contact with us once again to produce their brand new mine site induction video that will be used to welcome new employees, and help establish best practice principles while they are up on site. 


We love working with Big Yellow as we get to travel into rural WA and film some incredible bits of scenery. This time was no different, as we had to film a mixture of subjects, locations, and equipment to coincide with the voice over + graphics on screen. We were tasked with combining all of these elements to produce a video form mine site induction that would be used for the foreseeable future to ensure employees remain safe while on site. 


For this project the first steps were to identify what exactly this video needed to cover, and from there we needed to write a script. From your own safety on mine sites, operations, and even where the name Big Yellow comes from – this mine site induction needed to cover a lot of bases. 

Once the script was written and approved we needed to piece together a shot list that complimented the voiceover. Once completed, all that was left for us was to go to site and shoot! 

The post production process was a breeze, as we had lots of preexisting assets to use when designing the look for the frames, graphics, etc. 


We’re very proud of how this project turned out, and we had a ton of fun producing this video for Big Yellow. Mining inductions need to ride that fine line of being educational, as the information being presented is important – so it needs to also be visually interesting for the viewer.

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