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Transperth Bike Security


Avoiding the traffic never looked so good.

As a part of the new airport line, Transperth has constructed a set of state-of-the-art bike shelters to help keep unwanted hands off your sweet, sweet ride. We produced this fun little video to help show them off!


This project was all about letting the public know about these brand new bike shelters in a fun and engaging way. Transperth came to us with the approach of the ‘Bike Hero’ that we absolutely loved. We then continued to develop the creative elements including storyboard and scripting to make this come to life!


For this project we tried to flex our creative muscles a bit and try new things. We love learning about new camera techniques that can be used to communicate ideas, and one thing we had not tried up until this point was a car rig – so we jumped at the chance. 

We wanted the audience to be able to focus on the key elements in each frame, so you’ll notice almost everything that is of importance is centred and the majority of shots are completely static. This allowed our hero to dial the physical comedy up to 11 – and we had a blast watching it happen!


We seriously love this project – it was a ton of fun on set, as we got to cut a bit loose and try a few crazy things to see what worked in the moment. Our talent did a great job, and brought the energy we needed for the character – plus he really does look fantastic in that helmet. 

Doing narrative based content is something that we always have a lot of fun with – if you’d like to see something similar click HERE.