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Perth City to Surf 2023


The City to Surf is an annual fundraising event run by the Activ Foundation to support those living with a disability here in WA. Participants can choose to run either a 4km track, starting in Floreat – or choose to run the 12km track, both ending up at the finish line in City Beach. This year we put together a team of over 10 photographers and videographers to help capture this fantastic event.


Filming an event of this scale is always going to be a challenge – but nevertheless it’s always the fun and fast paced environment which we love. We were tasked with documenting several key aspects of each leg of the race: the prep, the starting horn takeoff, key dignitaries, the community, and of course – the winners. Through a combination of several videographers, photographers, and drone pilots we managed to capture the essence of what the City to Surf is all about. 


For this project we needed to make sure we got as much coverage of the event as possible. Every major milestone of the day had personnel on location to make this possible, our drone pilots had eyes in the sky at all times to capture the sheer scale of the event, while our photographers and videographers on the ground covered the attendants and dignitaries. 


We are incredibly pleased with the results from all of our hard work and planning, the event went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have had a really great time. The energy and atmosphere at the finish line is quite unlike any other event that we have covered. The anticipation of seeing that first person cross the finish line, to the awards given out at the end of the day – really helped show just how close the WA community is to each other, and how devoted we are to helping those in need. 

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