Claremont Quarter Christmas


Christmas is a magic time for families and communities (and especially children) so Perth’s premier fashion centre Claremont Quarter invited everyone to come and experience the lighting of their huge Christmas tree.

Santa was there with his elves, as well as local choirs and musical groups, artisanal food stalls, and a thoroughly enraptured public.

If you haven’t visited Claremont Quarter before then you can find out about it HERE



Claremont Quarter hosted a Christmas event for their shoppers and locals to enjoy with their families. The main event was the lighting of the Christmas tree but the kids were kept entertained all night. Local music and amazing food were on offer and everyone enjoyed it. Our job was to capture the magic and atmosphere of the event.



Our main task was to encapsulate the emotion and feel-good nature of all the people attending the event. There were many smiles to be seen on supportive families and starry-eyed children (you should see them when Santa first appears).

We filmed a large portion of the footage in 100 frames per second to allow slow motion and our camera crew stayed alert for any “magical moments” that presented themselves.



The result was a heartwarming event video that was shared online by those who attended. It also positioned Claremont Quarter as a shopping centre who cares about their customers.

CQ is a fashion hub and they are regularly hosting very well crafted events like this. Take a look at their latest summer fashion shoot that we filmed HERE