Claremont Quarter Graffiti: Beastman


Claremont Quarter is Perth’s premiere destination for retail fashion and has a very strong cultural brand. They support local and international artists of all kinds and encourage them to work in partnership with the shopping centre and individual retailers.



Claremont Quarter partnered with WA artist collective FORM to invite some well-known street and graffiti artists to update their walls. The artists were given spaces in and around the Claremont Quarter centre on which to create their magic and Birdhouse Media was there to capture it all.



The schedule on this project was all over the place because the artists couldn’t paint during the trading hours of the day. So we filmed them painting from 7pm all through the night and into the early hours before the shops re-opened. Our crew captured time lapse footage of the pieces coming to life and conducted interviews with each artist to introduce the faces behind the art.



The community was able to find out more about these amazing pieces of art that appeared to materialise overnight (because they literally did). These videos were used online as a great marketing tool and the artists were also able to gain some promotion for what they do.