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Claremont Quarter Winter Fashion 2019


Each year Claremont Quarter releases their pick of the crop in Autumn and Winter fashion. Their range of retailers are the pinnacle of fashion in Australia and the Winter collection each year is always interesting. We look forward to filming these fashion shoots in both Summer and Winter every time.



This job was twofold – create the video component of the winter fashion release, and film a behind the scenes clip of the photo shoot. There were a lot of creatives on set that day. The aim was to have a large amount of useable footage that we could then cut up into different edits for social media content marketing.



With so many photographers, grips, stylists, and producers in a small location this shoot was high energy. Add to that the fact that we filmed during the very short sunset window and it made for a pretty intense time.

Not only did we capture the models and looks for the fashion showcase, but we also had to keep in mind the behind the scenes edit. So there was plenty of candid makeup, stylist, and hair shots with the models in between look changes.

In the edit the aesthetic was clean and modern with a quick-cut energy.



The final videos have been used to great effect on social media and online to promote Claremont Quarter as the premiere fashion destination in Perth. We gathered so much great footage on the day that we were able to edit a whole lot of content for CQ’s online presence.

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