ClearVue Solar Glass


This is some very cool technology! Say hello to ClearVue solar glass, which is not only transparent like normal glass but actually generates electricity through solar power cells. This is a world-first product and is a revolution in sustainability. Just think of all the things we could generate if our windows were doing the hard work!

We were actually brought into this project by our client Site Sentry who are the most tech-forward security and surveillance team in Perth. They have portable and temporary CCTV units all over Perth on important building sites to monitor the projects’ security. This ClearVue solar glass project was so important that they were on-site 24 hours a day to make sure it all went smoothly.


With some outstanding time lapse construction footage logged away we were asked to produce a video that showed the construction process of a world-first solar glass greenhouse using ClearVue (and monitored by Site Sentry). This video had to be an explainer that showed how the greenhouse was built and also detail the benefits of this unique technology.


While the time lapse footage is an important part of the edit (and it took several months to compile as the project was completed) we also sent the drone over the finished greenhouse and filmed some final walkthroughs once all the work had been done.

Our animation team created some simple graphic animations to explain the unique features of this technology and the entire explainer video was turned around quickly.


This was a really interesting project for us. It’s not every day that we get to use a several-month-long time lapse camera so to be able to play around with this vast amount of construction footage was definitely something new. The final edit is a great introduction into this technology and hopefully we get to see more of it in the future. Keep your eyes out!

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