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coles graduates


Coles has one mission, to ‘sustainably feed all Australians to help them lead healthier, happier lives’. They are focused on being accountable for decisions that can make a meaningful difference to communities and supply chains across Australia. Coles is invested in developing their talented people to lead the charge.


The team at Coles were seeking applications for their 2022 Operations Graduate Program. They wanted to promote the program and drive up internal interest using current graduates. Our task was to film these graduates on location at various Coles facilities sharing their personal experiences in the program. By seeing the passion they had for the program it would ideally inspire the next generation to think about applying too.


Equipped and ready for a full day of shooting, our team first visited the Coles Perth Airport Depot. Straight away we were met with a welcoming and down-to-earth team. We wanted to hero this feeling we felt and translate it on screen. To best achieve this we invited the graduates to take us on a candid tour of the facility as we filmed them. Each graduate shared their own unique story and ‘the why’ behind what inspired them to join the program. 

At the nearest Coles metro store we met with the team there and had them show us around their workplace. They showed us various aspects of their roles, what they do day-to-day, and what motivates them about working at Coles. We filmed during business hours so we encountered some fun spontaneous moments of customer interaction as well.


We achieved a very candid, personable and down to earth tone for this one. The aim was to demystify the whole program and highlight the supportive team environment. Cut to three short video edits, each video celebrates each graduates personal journey and inspires the next generation to apply straight away. It was fascinating for our team to see first hand how Coles works to sustainably feed Australians.

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