Containers for Change


Containers for Change is an amazing plastic and glass bottle, and aluminium can, recycling scheme. It’s all about encouraging people to recycle their containers in dedicated depots so that they can be recycled into reused products. And the best bit is you get paid for each container!

This buy back scheme puts money back into the pockets of consumers and makes sure our recyclable waste goes to the right places.


Our friends at Hunter Communications contacted us to film and edit this short piece that introduces people to the scheme and roughly how it works. There is no voice over, no on-screen text graphics, just a simple video piece showing consumers and depot staff interacting and recycling.


The aim of this project was to position Containers for Change in a positive place in the minds of consumers. To make them feel like the process would be easy and enjoyable.

We filmed with two cameras: a wide lens on a gimbal, and a long lens hand-held. For this shoot we didn’t need to consider audio recording and mixing so it was fairly straightforward.

The edit, likewise, is simple and matter-of-fact. No bells and whistles needed here.


The end result is a simple yet effective piece of social media content that introduces people to the scheme. Not every job needs to be cinema-level quality and we think this program is fantastic so we were really happy to be a part of it. Keep recycling everyone!