Cottesloe Beach Hotel: Cocktails


The Cottesloe Beach Hotel is iconic in Perth. Cott is Western Australia’s version of Bondi but it’s way better. The Cott has been a part of Perth hospitality for decades and they’re constantly updating their offerings.

From the vintage Verandah Bar out the front to the Beach Club out the back and the Sunsets room upstairs, there’s a spot for everyone at The Cott.


This is part of another social media campaign aimed at Instagram. The Cott told us they needed short, targeted videos to market to their demographics. Each video showcases one thing that the Cott currently offer: cocktails, VIP experience, or club membership.



These videos are presented by our very own Hans, who is a very experienced television host. All of the clips are under 60 seconds long with a summery and colourful vibe.

We formatted them square (1:1) which suits Instagram screen dimensions and viewing habits. There’s a lot you have to think about when making a video!


This is classic social media marketing with a focus on quality. It’s not enough to just make a video on your phone; that won’t cut it any more. These videos suit the brand values at The Cott and inform potential customers. We’ve since had a lot of people mention to us that they’ve seen these ads on their social feeds. And all of them fall into the exact demographic we were hoping to capture. Someone is definitely doing their targeting job right.

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