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Climate Risk Capability Initiative


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation got in contact with us to produce an animation that communicates their new scheme – the Climate Risk Capability Initiative, otherwise known as CRCI.

The purpose of this initiative is to help implement adaptive measures to help mitigate the inevitable effects that climate change will have on our daily life.


We were to produce a high quality animation that effectively educates and communicates what the CRCI is all about. We tasked one of our highly skilled animators to create a style that was attractive, while still being able to convey the key messaging.


As the client wanted this animation to follow a familiar explainer animation style – we needed to develop a unique way to visually distinguish this video from the host of similar videos. This was achieved through collaboration between our team and the team from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to establish this playful scratchy texture that was present throughout the environments and characters throughout the video.

Using this as a foundation, we were able to further hone this to influence and compliment how the characters and animals looked and moved. The environments play a massive part of this video, we didn’t want them to be static elements which is why they move with scene changes/camera movements. All of these elements help to keep the tone of the video a bit more lighthearted given the general anxiety surrounding climate change impacts. 


This project came together very nicely, we are incredible happy with how it turned out. Animations are always a great time to work on specifically because it’s so different to going out on location and filming things. 

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