Decipher Corporate Testimonial


Decipher is at the forefront of integrated agriculture and mining software. They utilise satellite technology combined with on-the-ground experience in farming and mining to provide incredible improvements in the way we treat and monitor our land. Decipher’s aim is to reduce waste, improve land rehabilitation, and increase productivity for all of their clients.



Decipher wanted to gather a host of real life testimonials from some of their happy customers around Australia. So they flew our crew over to regional Victoria and New South Wales to meet up with agronomists who are using the Decipher software. We saw some remarkable parts of Australia and saw just how effective the Decipher software can be to farmers everywhere.



Each testimonial included a documentary style interview with a Decipher customer, B roll footage of their operation, and importantly drone videography of their properties.

The testimonials were all real, unscripted, and heartfelt and the drone footage was very important to illustrate the sheer scale of some of these operations.

We aimed for an informal and warm style to reflect the very human and very real nature of these people.


Decipher now uses all of our testimonials to promote their services to new and prospective clients and they have seen a jump in subscriptions. Honest word of mouth advocacy like this is the most powerful form of marketing because it’s real and trustworthy when done right.

While the interstate filming trip may have been initially costly it has proven to be the right decision over and over again as more customers sign on.

We can’t wait to see where Decipher goes from here!

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