Destination Perth – 5 Hidden Bars


Destination Perth is the official travel group that promotes Perth city and the surrounding area. They know that our city is full of amazing things to see and do and they want to show everyone! From the best bars and venues in town to the stunning Rottnest Island beaches, Destination Perth loves it all.



The target market for this video is the east coast of Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane have long thought of Perth as a boring little brother but times have changed and Perth offers so much more.

This video is about educating the east-coasters that Perth has a lot going on and we did it with an experienced TV host.



Hans is not only one of the directors of Birdhouse Media but he is also a TV presenter and actor with over ten years experience on air. He hosts this video for DP and brings much needed energy and irreverence to the clip. Above all we needed this video to be authentic. Audiences, particularly from markets like Melbourne, are very discerning and will switch off if they sense that they are being “sold to”.



This video hit the social media channels around Australia and immediately started racking up the views. Destination Perth have received a huge amount of attention and now hopefully the east coasters think of Perth a little differently.

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