Dragon Sunglasses Summer Launch 360°


Dragon Sunglasses are one of the most popular eyewear brands amongst surfers and skaters. They’re bold, strong, and some of them even float! Every Summer Dragon launches their new range of designs and they throw a huge party to celebrate.



The task was simple – capture the sun-drenched fun and energy of the launch party. The event was held on Scarborough Beach in Perth and punters were able to try on the new designs and have a few drinks. But this video is special – it’s completely virtual reality.

360° means that you become a part of the party and can take a look all around.



We utilised our unique robotic technology to “drive” our 360° cameras through the party to create a moving experience that gives you an invite and a front row seat. We also added animated graphics to show everyone just how good the sunglasses look.



This is a very unique video and was used online as an attention-grabbing shareable piece of content. People like to experience video on a deeper level and studies have shown a much higher engagement with 360° video than with traditional media.