Editeur 2020


Editeur, as they say, is “a shopping experience like no other“. They bring together all of the most desirable and beautiful objects from around the world to one store.

Think homewares, but very very special homewares. You’ll find rare and unique pieces alongside vintage and collectible pieces of objet d’art all designed to create a special atmosphere in your home. Editeur is for those with an eye for design and love of the unique.

Twice a year Editeur holds events to launch their latest collection of products and this time around we helped them celebrate Christmas 2020!


2020 has been a very difficult year. So many of the things we took for granted – having parties, seeing family, travel – have been put on hold but that hasn’t stopped the team at Editeur from assembling their traditional collection of unique design items from around the world to celebrate Christmas. As you’d imagine there is a distinctly Christmassy theme to it all. Murano glass angels and Christmas trees sit alongside glow-in-the-dark candles and bejewelled face masks.

We were given the task of creating an event wrap video featuring an interview with the lead designer Christian, and to capture a whole host of photographic stills. Yep, we do photos too.

This season launch event was full of hope for a better year ahead and many style-obsessed eyes.


Event videos are something we do a lot of. They require the crew to be flexible, unobtrusive, and watchful. Events are unique to film in that there is only so much you can plan for. The rest is all improvisation on the day.

This Editeur event certainly followed this rule and our role was to float around and capture the atmosphere of the attendees as well as the unique and interesting objects on display.

We also filmed an interview with the head designer Christian immediately prior to the event starting, so that he could explain the thoughts behind their most recent collection. After that was done it was time to crack the first bottle of champagne!


The clientele of Editeur know what they like. They appreciate expensive and rare objects and aren’t afraid to let people know. The final edit of this video not only celebrates the artistic objects but also reflects upon the privilege of being able to have an event of like-minded people in the same room. Like we said, 2020 has been a pretty ordinary year.

The team at Editeur love their video edits, and the collection of photographic stills we took at the same time. Here’s to many more events just like this one!

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