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Editeur: Tutti Frutti


When it comes to finding the most unique and eye-catching homewares and sculptures Editeur is the ultimate authority. They say they collect “the most desirable objects from Australia and around the world” and it’s true. Some of the pieces they have for sale are jaw-dropping. If your’e into your interior design, or just collecting things that are extremely unique then Editeur is the place for you. And their latest collection “Tutti Frutti” is all about vibrant colour. Strap in!


Each season Editeur releases their latest collection of interesting objects and this time around it’s called “Tutti Frutti”. That means colour and lots of it!

Creative Director Christian Lyon sat down before the launch to talk about his new collection and our job was to capture his thoughts, then film the event as the doors were thrown open. 


We filmed the interview with Christian immediately prior to the launch event at Editeur in Cottesloe. We shot the interview from two angles, with the A cam being a mid-shot and the B cam being tight and hand-held. As soon as the event began it was all about capturing the energy and colour of the people interacting with the sculptures, textiles, and furniture.

The edit is fun and vibrant with plenty of colour and dynamic transitions.


Filming the Editeur events is really fun because they’re relaxed and full of great things to point a camera at. We ended up producing a series of different social media edits for the Tutti Frutti launch – different lengths and screen formats for both posts and Insta stories.

In the end it’s a fun and informative video that captures the ethos and attitude of Editeur and their pieces.

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