Go Bites Protein Snacks


Go Bites are the latest product from Great Temptations. They’re crispy protein bars made from wholegrains and they taste way better than other health bars out there. For those with active lifestyles who like to eat right these are your new favourite snack.



Go Bites asked us to create a series of short animated clips to introduce the Go Bites brand to consumers. The health bar market is flooded with competition so it was essential to gain a foothold quickly. Establishing some brand awareness was the main task and the entire project was animated. No filming involved.



Our team of animators created a series of simple and lighthearted videos that were light on details but heavy on tone. Go Bites have two cute characters as their mascots so of course they were heavily featured. We focused mostly on bringing the Go Bites brand values to the attention of the customers to make them stand out from the crowded health bar market.

In the end we produced a whole series of different edits – some formatted for Instagram, others purely for Youtube pre-roll.


The rollout of Go Bites is still in progress but this first collection of videos has given them the jump start they needed. In the future they plan to add more flavours and sizes to grow the overall brand. We hope to be there with them as they do!

We really enjoy doing animated projects like this one and you can see some more of our animated work that we did for surf brand 3D Fins right HERE