Goody Twos Launch Party


Goody Twos is a late night bar in Perth that specialises in Japanese Whiskey and food. They are bringing the Japanese culture of after work whiskey and skewers to us!

Goodys is located in Hibernian Place – one of the best new entertainment precincts in the city. They’re brand new so of course a launch party was on the cards.


Launch parties are fun. Everyone is having a good time in a place they’ve never seen before, and the food and drinks are always amazing. Goody Twos needed a crew to film their Japanese-themed launch and all the high energy antics that went with it.

Keep an eye out for the dude in a Pikachu costume.


We love doing event videos and we’re very experienced at it. This was always designed to be a social media edit so we filmed it in a way that would work for Instagram. Quick cuts, whip pans, and lots of energy were the main focal points.

With event videos the trick is to point the camera where the action is happening and make sure you get it all. You never know when something worth seeing is going to present itself.


This has become one of our most referenced videos when it comes to social media edits. Many people have said “who did the Goody Twos video?!”

It is a great example of what our crew can achieve from a relatively small event. We always aim to make our event videos entertaining and aspiring. If you weren’t there the first time then the video will make you want to be there for the next.

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