GoPro Omni Skate 360°


The GoPro “Omni” is a powerful 360° virtual reality camera setup owned by Birdhouse Media. It uses 6 specially designed GoPro cameras and unique software to capture immersive VR footage. And we took it skating.



Handbrake Skateboards agreed to “test drive” our Omni camera setup by bombing down some hills in Scarborough, Western Australia. We wanted to see how the gear would capture the speed and feel of skating. Turns out it did very well.



Once the Omni was dialled-in the only thing left was to hit the biggest hills we could find on some Handbrake longboards. The camera setup was able to reflect the speed and feel of skating at over 50km/h and allows the viewer to experience something they may never have done before.



This video has attracted a lot of international attention from skating communities and camera groups alike. Skaters like to see their favourite pastime in full 360°, and camera people are interested in how the Omni performs.