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Got Cakey Capital Raise Campaign


Who doesn’t love cake?! That’s the question Got Cakey are asking Australian investors and they’re lining up to be a part of this colourful and exciting new business.

Got Cakey markets themselves as the “Uber of cake-making”. Think of it this way – if you need a stunning custom cake for an event, and you don’t have the required baking skills, where do you turn? Normally it would means hours of scouring the internet trying to find a baker who can do what you need and is available.

Got Cakey brings Australia’s best cake makers into one place so that anyone can find who they need in their area at the drop of a hat. No more disappointed kids at a birthday party!


Our job was to introduce Got Cakey to the world. Specifically the world of potential investors through the crowdfunding platform Birchal. Cakes are colourful and fun so we knew our content had to match.

And for this project we filmed on both sides of Australia. Brand ambassador (and cake whiz) Tigga Mac is based in Melbourne so her studio pieces were produced on the east coast, while the rest was done here in our home town of Perth. We handled the shoot direction and production remotely when needed.


Birdhouse managed the entire creative process from the initial script writing and creative concept, all the way through editing. For our east coast shoot we collaborated with the talented Khorus crew, who led the set design and production of our Tigga Mac pieces. 

Once Khorus sent over their footage we combined it with our west coast assets to create the final product.


In the end Got Cakey raised over 200% of their initial investment goal! Almost $600,000 was raised in just a few days which enabled Got Cakey to get off the ground and start building towards a sweet future (another classic pun…you’re welcome). We’re so happy with the result and can’t wait to see where this vibrant company goes from here!

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