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Graffiato Street Art Festival NZ


Graffiato is the original street art festival in New Zealand. It has inspired many imitations over the years but it all began in Taupo on the north island.

Graffiato sees local and international artists invited to the town to paint over the Labour Day long weekend each year. The entire town gets caught up in art fever and the local walls all come alive with colour and creativity.



This is an event video. We do a lot of them, but this time there were a lot of interviews to be conducted. Our job was to capture the entire weekend from start to finish and film the artworks be created.

With ten artists, local business owners, organisers, and the general public, this was a huge undertaking in such a short time. The video was to be used to promote the event in the future and encourage people to be a part of it.



This was an international shoot – being held in New Zealand. So the crew loaded up and jetted over to Auckland to drive the 5 hours down to Taupo.

We spent three full days doing laps of Taupo. We interviewed each artist, as well as the organisers and key stakeholders. Several of the wall murals we shot in time lapse so we could see them come together from start to finish. The great thing about this project was that there was so much colour and vibrancy. The shots we took were all so interesting!



In the end Graffiato ended up with a video that will allow them to promote the event like never before. They’ve already posted it online and no doubt will use it to show prospective local businesses who may want to get involved. After all, they own the walls that the artists want to paint on!

Watch our adventure-style promo video for Graffiato HERE