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Great Southern Wines


The Great Southern Wine Region is the largest geographic wine producing area in Australia. It’s truly massive and the range of varietals that are grown there is impressive.

From rolling hills to rugged coastal areas this region is one of the most diverse and picturesque, so what better place to take a photography tour? Plus there’s always the local characters to meet.


This was a photography-only project. No video this time around. While Birdhouse is known for our video production skills we also love to capture the non-moving video. 

We were tasked with taking a whole collection of stunning images for the wine growers in the region to use for their marketing and to promote the area. 

We supplied over 100 fully edited photos and now we want to go back because they look so good!


This was a single-shooter trip. Company Director Drew hit the road and drove down to Albany with all the gear. He then spent a week driving between all of the wineries in this vast area and snapping some amazing shots.

Most of the photography for this project was shot using available light but there are some that were lit with flash.


Now the Great Southern Wine Region has a huge collection of images to use on everything from social media posts to printed brochures. Not only are they extremely happy with the end product but Drew had a fantastic time exploring our South West!

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Great Southern wines
LIFESTYLE Great Southern wineries
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