Great Temptations


If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this is definitely something for you! Great Temptations is a brilliant new confectionary company making everything from cupcakes and brownies, to oat bars and caramel slice. It’s a difficult market to break into, especially because the big supermarkets have their own brands that they favour. But it’s doable, and the first thing to do is to make sure everyone knows just how good these cakes taste.



Great Temptations got in touch with us through their marketing company Wanderlust Communications. They needed some eye-catching marketing material for YouTube pre-roll ads and social media content (that wouldn’t break the budget). We understand that launching a new brand like this is super difficult so we were able to come up with an idea that not only looked great but was also very affordable to achieve.

We even threw in a few extra slow motion videos for free because we thought it would look cool.



We have our own studio. Like, a big one. This means we have our own video playground to do projects like this, and it was a really fun shoot. For this video we rigged up a flat-lay camera setup, which involves hanging the camera up high pointing straight down at the studio floor. Then we arranged the various cakes and bars all over the floor and filmed a stop-motion animation of them all moving around. It’s a fairly simple concept but something that takes a bit of time and tweaking (especially with the lighting).

Then in the edit all you have to do is speed things up and add the graphics!


We love experimenting with a client who lets us stretch our legs a bit. This was our idea from the start and we were able to deliver it very quickly and very affordably. The final video is quick, simple, colourful, and fresh (just like Great Temptations cakes).

The reason the length is at 20 seconds is to fit within the YouTube advertising guidelines that Great Temptations wanted to suit.

In the past we’ve created some animations for the same client and you can see it HERE