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Hanwha Explosives


The mining industry in Western Australia is massive. One of the most impressive parts of mining is when explosives are used and that’s where Hanwha Mining Services are leading the field. Hanwha is a global company with facilities here in WA that create and safely store materials used in the manufacture of mining explosives. They design and develop their own explosives technology too – things like blast caps and detonators.


Hanwha needed to update their brand image here in Australia. They wanted to show the world how state-of-the-art their facilities were and what level of quality they were producing for their explosives materials. Birdhouse was contracted to create a collection of video content – taking in both their Perth city offices and their on-site facilities in Wubin. This was designed to place Hanwha front and centre in the mining explosives landscape.


We split this shoot into two parts – the city offices and the location shoot up North in Wubin. Hanwha wanted us to capture the professionalism of their corporate team but also the size and ability of their field facility. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to film any actual blasting (which would have been very cool). Our drone was used in Wubin to capture their fleet of trucks and some action with forklifts, etc… while the rest of the footage was captured using smooth gimbals and cinematic tight shots.


The end result is a collection of video content that perfectly matches the brand identity of Hanwha Mining Services. Having good quality video content aligned with your brand is extremely important, particularly for a group like Hanwha who want to break into larger mining contracts around Australia. Our videos show just how tech-forward and precise they are. We do quite a lot of corporate video work. You can see some more right HERE