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Harcher/Baseball WA


Harcher is one of WA’s largest commercial distributors for all things confectionary, snacks, drink, and cleaning supplies. With a national customer base with over 35,000 retailers – Harcher is a tried and tested business with clear results. 

Harcher is also one of Baseball WA’s key corporate sponsors. What’s more – Harchers CEO – Derek Bird is a lifelong baseball fan. From playing at a national league level as a kid all the way up to coaching for his own kids, he is a passionate player and lover of the sport.


Harcher got in contact with us to produce three short doco pieces/case studies that highlight their services and their involvement with Baseball WA. These videos would be used across their social media platforms, but also air online during commercial breaks for the livestreamed games. This video is the hero edit used to push this new campaign. 


For this flagship video, we wanted to illustrate the positive relationship between Harcher and Baseball WA through Dereks testimonial. He does a great job of describing his love for the game and his own involvement with the sport, and how he saw a great opportunity for Harcher to get involved – in more than just a buyer/supplier relationship. 

We knew the more fast paced action shots were going to be captured at the baseball games, and this was a great opportunity to capture shots of spectators – and how they enjoy the products that Harcher supplies. We also wanted to show the lifecycle of the product. From warehouse to customer, we documented the whole journey. 


We’re super happy with how this entire project turned out. Suitable for both online and pseudo-TVC usage, we think it effectively highlights the passion of the players and community, the passion of Harcher’s employees, and the importance of supporting local.

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