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Hawaiian Ride For Youth 2023


The Hawaiian Ride For Youth is an inspiring event that brings together a community of cyclists, volunteers, and supporters to raise funds and awareness for Youth Focus, a leading mental health provider in Western Australia. In this video, we capture the energy and excitement of the welcome home ceremony for the riders who have completed the roughly 700km bike ride from Albany to Perth.


Our task was to document the moment the riders return home from their incredible journey through the southwest of Western Australia – all for the cause of raising awareness and funding for young people suffering with mental health issues. Youth Focus wanted this video to be heartwarming, energetic, hopeful, and above all to help educate others about the Ride – and the thousands of lives it has touched over its 20 year history.


Our approach to this project was to be as flexible as we could have been on the day. With so many moving parts to an event such as this, there is only one chance to capture key moments between the riders and their families – so we had to be quick on our feet. For a lot of riders, this is the culmination of all of their hard work and many months of training, so this was the perfect opportunity to get their thoughts on the ride. 


We always love working with Youth Focus because their work is so inspirational and special to young people in Western Australia. By fostering growth and ensuring we take proper care of our youth, we can look towards a brighter future where those who are at risk of mental health issues get the help they need to understand the difficult pathway to adulthood. 

We’re incredibly happy with how the end product turned out, and we can’t wait for next years Ride for Youth! If you would like to learn more about the ride and how to get involved or support a rider, click HERE.