Hi Line Rooftop Bar “Chip-Go-Round”


Hi Line Rooftop Bar is the latest addition to Crown Perth and is the perfect location for a sunset drink. Or an insane chip bowl with four different types of chips and eight dips known as the “Chip-Go-Round”!

Introducing the Chip-Go-Round which serves up regular fries, sweet potato chips, tater tots, and waffle chips with a huge selection of sauces alongside. This was made for Instagram.


There’s nothing better than a delicious snack that also looks great on the socials. The Chip-Go-Round is no accident. It was created specifically to be seen online and then enjoyed in person on a rooftop with a drink in hand.

Our job was to make a quick and fun clip to encourage people to head down to Hi Line and try it. Simple.


We headed into the kitchen (which has a view of the Crown pool by the way) and watched a whole lot of deep frying going on. Once the chips had been plated up in the custom-made lazy Suzan bowls and sent up to the roof we gathered our team of young talent and asked them to dig in. Tough gig right?

We also chose the end of the day to make the best use of the sunset lighting. Golden chips for a golden evening.


Apparently there are 32 different flavour combinations you can get from the Chip-Go-Round and we definitely had a good time counting our way through them. With one of the most Instagram-able food items on the menu Hi Line is looking at a very popular Summer. In an entertainment complex like Crown it can be hard to stand out. But this latest addition to their stable of venues seems perfectly suited to a Perth sunset over the Swan River.

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